Boy With Two Heads

“Until I lived in the real world, I did not know people really wanted to know about autism. Possibly I can give lessons telling my autism point of view. Feelings penetrate understanding of autism. Kind of prison people really are not familiar with. Let me tell you all about it.”  – Dillan Barmache

(The story below was written at age 11 with Soma Mukhopadhyay in Austin, TX – first time he wrote about autism)

Once upon a time a boy had two heads. But the doctors did nothing with them. One head was smart, other head was autistic. People could not see the smart head. They only saw the autistic head. But the smart head heard and saw everyone. One day, the smart head was really tired of the autistic head, because that head had the same sound pattern for twenty minutes. Smart head could not think, so he had to fall asleep and waited for autistic head to calm down.

4 thoughts on “Boy With Two Heads

  1. Dillan, after seeing you and your story in the Apple video I was so inspired. After a quick google search, I am so glad I was able to find your blog. After reading your posts and experiences I have found a whole new understanding and awareness of Autism. Your words describing the world and the senses you experience are really beautiful. In this crazy world where there is so much badness, it is a relief and joy to read your stories. You are a great ambassador and i wish you continued success. I hope my words find there way to you. thank you and keep on being amazing.

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    • Hi Marc,
      Your words did find their way to Dillan…thank you so much for your supportive and motivating comments. I learn something new every time Dillan shares more about his experience of autism, and its nice to hear that what he writes has had such a strong impact on you. We hope you continue to visit and share with others!


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