Today is Mother’s Day, so I’ve decided to share something that Dillan wrote last year in the 10th grade as part of a history assignment about Enlightenment.  It really moved me, and seemed it could apply to anyone (parent, teacher, advocate) who feels they may have insights to share.  Our children are not always ready for our guidance, and sometimes students and society need some time and space to consider new perspectives as well.  This is a favorite of mine. Hope you like it too!

Gaining Enlightenment allows a person some new perspective about the things they assumed they understood. When people are not interested in exploring the possibility that there may be another way of looking at things, then a longer, slower process of evolving new thinking must be allowed. How that learning happens for each person is different. So it is not the task of the enlightened to design the entire path to understanding, its their task to point the way.

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