The Underdog

(Sometimes it’s an ordinary trip to the shoe store that really makes it clear how important it is that Dillan have access to the full 26 letters on a keyboard or letterboard, and the proper support and strategies that allow him to tell us something unexpected (and belly-tickling) like this…)

Trail-shoe-buying trip:

Mom:  Dillan, what do you think about these shoes?

Dillan:  I was initially skeptical because they looked awful in the box, but on my feet they are not as ugly.

Mom:  You’ve tried on a few different ones. Which do you like best?

Dillan:  Seems that it would be fitting to choose the underdog shoe. 

(Of course it would!)

2 thoughts on “The Underdog

  1. Dillian, I like your shoes, good choice if they are comfortable, which is most important. It is so good to see a blog from you, it has been awhile. I have childcare in my home and I now care for a nonverbal autistic 14 year old girl. I hope to be able to communicate with her, I just don’t know how myself. She is in 9 th grade, I think she had some kind of device that she can communicate on, but she doesn’t use it around me, She understands me but she can’t talk, she can make sounds, and is able to say ball. she loves playing with balls, walking, going places.. she is always ready to do stufff, very helpful around house, She loves to eat, I have to watch that or she will eat all day. I hope to learn more about her so I can be the best care giver and friend to her. You are a beautiful person and I hope your day is good, I look forward to reading more from you, Katie


    • Hi Katie, thank you for your comment and for the effort you are making to get to know and connect with your client. I read it to Dillan. In response to your comment about hoping to be able to communicate with her, Dillan said, “I hope you can too.” All the best to you! Dillan and Tami


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