Letter from a Teacher

(Written for Enhanced Lit class – 9th grade 10/1/14 – Dillan was asked to write a letter to his parents as one of his own teachers)

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Barmache,

I am Dillan’s teacher, and I have laughed at the idea of having an autistic student in my class until I met Dillan.  Matter of fact, I never thought a student who could not speak and could not control himself would have thoughts at a level of other students.  I’ve been able to get to know many of Dillan’s strengths, as well as his challenges.  I feel that some of the necessary skills that a student needs to succeed are quite evident in Dillan.  For example, he always tries taking a break to allow himself a chance to calm.  And he never quits so long as caring people around him support his attempts.  Also, patience is a quality, and I see having autism must require having an enormous amount of it.  And finally, I see how Dillan really wants to be challenged.  And I hope he always will be.


Mr. B.