Coming Out of Autism

The process of coming out of autism was and still is a constant struggle that I experience every day.  People need to understand that all of us autistic people make decisions about the people trying to help us too.  We are so reliant on outside support that we live with a sort of connection, and a type of understanding is formed with our therapists.  I have had so many people try and help me, but what so often occurred was an inevitable process that was impossible to change.  Living with autism is so hard mainly cause I have to rely so much on the experience and understanding of others. Appearing to be kind only goes so far.  Autism is a total overwhelming sensory experience for everyone involved.  How therapists respond is the key that each of us looks for when we begin our journey with a therapist.

To each autistic person living without a voice,  I hope you find a person in your existence that will believe in you, try to connect with you, and most importantly, do it always with respect and belief in your abilities to think.

2 thoughts on “Coming Out of Autism

  1. I look forward to the comments you post on your blog. It allows me to have a deeper understanding of how you feel and think. And it helps me to shape my behavior when I am with you. I know that hugs and kisses from grandma are always welcome, but I want to contribute more than just hugs and kisses. We will try to talk more.


  2. This is very true. You explaining it helps me see it in my little brother. He is seven years old and has autism. He is non-verbal. I remember experiences where I saw him kind of testing out his therapists and looking for the response he gets from them.


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