CDI Block Party

**Last 2015 flashback**

(CDI is an incredible agency that worked with our family for many years.  They believe in the importance of relationships and really listening to our children, and have been huge supporters of Dillan’s message. Dillan was interviewed for this year’s video and asked to speak about what children might want their parents to know )

Your child has so much to say. You have to listen no matter how hard it is to hear them. They are inside the prison of autism and they cannot escape alone.  Most of the battle is never giving up, and finding new ways and methods to release a child’s voice.  Everyone has a unique voice and what they have to say is a valued gift to those who want to hear it. There are many ways to learn and teach and share. We must always find them.  Just keep trying and don’t let anyone tell you there is nothing beyond the autism.  I hope every child finds a way to be heard and is surrounded by people who listen.

(The Block Party celebration on 10/17/15)


Dillan with Joan Maltese – Executive Director of CDI


Dillan’s brother, Ethan, joined him at the podium


Being here tonight is not only an honor its an amazing opportunity to be able to take the battle all of us are fighting to a whole new place. This battle against the misconception that autistic lives are destined to be without love and relationships needs continual support and hope. We must never give up and we must keep finding new ways to help autistic people be a part of their own lives. I think we have done some amazing things so far; either we go forward or fall back. I ask you all right now to look into the future and never give up on us. Thank you so much.



Dillan with Tessa Graham – Director of Clinical Services (and his 1st Floortime therapist!)


2 thoughts on “CDI Block Party

  1. Hey Dillan! My name is Anthony! I saw your Apple ad and I am just totally moved. I too, believe it is so important that everyone has a voice! Especially those that struggle to express themselves. I would love to talk to you! Maybe via email or something. I don’t have any friends who think like you and I so when I heard what you had to say in the ad, I got excited hahah. I hope to hear from you, man! Thanks! Here’s my number too! (585) 690-9043.

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  2. What’s up Dillan?!
    It’s me again (Anthony). So since I last messaged you back in April, I have gotten a full time job working with individuals who are non verbal (and some verbal). I get to help them out everyday by working on different sets of skills! Everyday I try to figure out new and different ways that they can express themselves. I do sometimes fear that they feel trapped so I engage in conversation as much as possible letting them know that I’m working on a solution! Im only 19 and I have this job because of you! Because you inspired me, man! It’s the best job in the world. Takes a lot of patience but totally worth it! I know you’re busy with school probably but get in touch with me when you’re free! Thanks Dillan 😀


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